Professionally installed, high quality PVCu double glazed windows are the single most effective way of improving your home+s value, security, appearance and heating economy, all in one stroke.

Our designers can create an attractive and authentic-looking high-performance glazing solution for any architectural style, from a Georgian townhouse and Victorian villa to a contemporary semi. With traditional chamfered profiles and a choice of colours, all the original period character of your home is assured.


Choose from many different styles, colours, and decorations so that your new windows are perfectly suited and customised to you and your home.


Changing the windows in your house is a big investment, one that you dont want to be making again any time soon, so its important to know that your new windows are going to withstand the test of time and still be in tip top shape. Our PVC windows are more than capable of providing you with the build quality to ensure you have piece of mind.


Statistically any intruder looking to break into your home quietly will attempt to enter through a window 40% of the time. This is why our windows have several looking points that sit flush with the frame to ensure that they cannot be forced open.


Our latest uPVC windows have an C rating equivalant for efficiency and A rated equivelant windows ca be acheived. Windows are one of the major sources of heat loss in any building, so by having more efficient windows you retain heat in your home, meaning you have to use less energy to maintain a constant warm comfortable temperature.
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